Northwest Special Education Cooperative, Elizabeth, IL is seeking an Educational Diagnostician for the 2024-2025 school year to serve Stephenson County Schools. The Diagnostician will be providing educational testing as it relates to the Special Education process. The Diagnostician will be under the direct consultation of the school psychologist(s) to aid in the assessment of the educational needs of students and to assist in the recommendation and development of plans and programs for appropriately meeting the needs of individual students.

1.  Provide non-biased assessment of student achievement testing.
2.  Prepare written reports within timelines reasonable to school teams.
3.  Accurately and clearly interpret findings to parents, colleagues, and special education professionals at the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meeting.
4.  Assist IEP teams in formulating recommendations for the student’s learning environment, as well as paperwork completion and determining the eligibility for any students.
5.  Effectively plan, organize, and follow through on assignments.
6.  Attend, participate, and lead IEP meetings, team meetings (RtI), and re-evaluations for students.
7.  Consult with general education and special education teachers regarding the special programming and instructional needs of students with disabilities.
8.  Perform such other professional duties and assume other professional responsibilities as the Special Education Director or Supervisor may assign or delegate.
Qualified candidates should have the following:
—   Valid special education teacher or professional educator license preferred
—   Experience with and knowledge of diagnostic instruments and evaluations
—   Knowledge of special education regulations and services
—   Experience with students with special education needs
Please submit a cover letter, resume, and 3 letters of recommendation by May 30th to:
Tracy Dahl, NWSE Director, via email
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